About Ulrich Weinkath

Creator, designer, innovator – anyone trying to describe Ulrich Weinkath through conventional occupation titles fails, because no single term is sufficient in explaining his professional expertise. This should come as no surprise, since pigeon-holed thinking is definitely not a part of his daily work.

Photo: Ulrich Weinkath

For him rather the person he is creating the space with is of utmost importance and not leaving his signature on the room. Rather, what matters to him is the person behind it. Time and time again he proves an unerring sense to find out the individual’s needs and requirements. This talent is paired with his sensitivity to recognise the potential of the spatial circumstances. Ulrich Weinkath manages to combine these qualities into a harmonious unison creating solutions of the highest quality.

The practical implementation of his ideas contains traditional craftsmanship as well as the latest technologies. For him no path is too far for the high-quality materials. Ulrich Weinkath is happy to tread on new ground and passionately strives to find creative solutions to design challenges. He often accompanies his clients personally over many years sharing with them the same level of high standards regarding himself and his work. Especially his customized and detail-orientated work, which has been consistent for over 35 years proves his competency.

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