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NEWSPAPER | NO. 01 | 2021

Ectrically height-adjustable desk | Crescita

The electrically height-adjustable desk CRESCITA is technically state-of-the-art.
By means of a touchscreen (Linak control system), attached to the desktop, the table height can be adjusted steplessly between 575 – 1210 mm.
The ergonomic height function includes seating and standing possibilities. Additionally, the T-leg frame ensures spacious legroom, which allows the table to dually function as a desk and as a conference table.

NEWSPAPER | NO. 01 | 2020

Tius | Lettura | Indice

The cupboard-shelving system TIUS provides storage space customised to your exact needs. It is a highly flexible and ecological as well as sustainable furniture system which has not yet found its equal and which also works almost without tools.
Whether open or closed, as a bookshelf, sideboard, filing cabinet or a combination of everything. Individually plannable and, thanks to its small parts, extremely variable and expandable, it remains a reliable companion.
129 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse TIUS can be used as a wall element or free-standing in the room and can even be adapted to room corners or wall protrusions. A system that you can simply entrust everything to and that looks good while doing it.

NEWSPAPER | NO. 01 | 2019

Creator, designer, innovator

Creator, designer, innovator – anyone trying to describe Ulrich Weinkath through conventional occupation titles fails, because no single term is sufficient in explaining his professional expertise. This should come as no surprise, since pigeon-holed thinking is definitely not a part of his daily work.

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