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Our way of working: By getting to know you and your personal style we are able to shape and design spaces adapted to your individual wishes, making each area a unique personal experience. The period of time needed to plan a project can therefore vary greatly. Depending on the extent of the project a few meetings can suffice or for larger projects even a couple of months could be needed. During this time first drafts are created and completed with illustrations. If required then we can also draft and create patterns for separate materials, pieces of furniture or lamps. Upon request we can also assume responsibility of the entire commercial and technical process required to complete the project.

We combine many sub steps into one cohesive unit: we function as your contact person, as the person responsible for making your project become reality – proactive, driven by a solution-orientated approach and with an excellent price-performance ratio. The art of making new ideas come to life or to reinterpret and modernise more traditional ideas is our passion and has been our passion for over 35 years.

Customers looking for straightforward, modern and especially refined designs created in absolute perfection should come to us. Above all, our customers appreciate our keen sense for the essentials – aesthetics, workmanship and functionality. Together it is our goal to offer you the chance to create something unique, something created just for you.

Projects | Private

Projects | Companies

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