The open reception area completes the hallway visually
Bright and neat: A clean workspace
A harmony of colours for cheerful day-to-day life
Minimalist and impressive
The open reception area completes the hallway visually
Bright and neat: A clean workspace
A harmony of colours for cheerful day-to-day life
Minimalist and impressive

A dental practice with elegant roundings and high-quality furnishings


Visually inviting reception area, bright rooms with smooth roundings and a refreshing colour scheme. What other design innovations lift the spirits of the patients and the practice team?

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath
Workplace for:
Dr. Hinzen
Where: A building complex in Münster
Base area: Around 200 m²

Dr Hinzen’s dental practice is located in a newly constructed building complex in the historic centre of Münster. The practice is close to the railway station with a direct connection to Hamburg. This also proved useful for Ulrich Weinkath, who was tasked with construction supervision of the interior fittings and he visited the site one or two days every week.

The layout planning, floor and ceiling construction, the lighting concept, furnishing details such as skirting boards and doors – the designer supervised the completion of the practice for a construction period of over a year. The base area is around 200 m2 and wins over the viewer with its high degree of functionality and its stylish, inviting ambiance.

Gentle roundings and atmospheric lighting solutions for the entrance

Even the reception desk in the entrance area gives off a harmonious feeling and seems as if it were cast from a single mould. Ulrich Weinkath designed the rounded reception desk specially: A piece of furniture made of solid oak, which encases a curved, back-lit, acrylic glass pane. The seemingly floating body of light forms a half-height extension of the wall towards the front. Behind the desk there is a spacious workplace including a monitor, which was lowered so that it does not protrude over the edge of the reception desk in a disturbing way.

The designer also remained true to the concept regarding the design of the ceiling: It takes up the half-round shape of the reception desk. This visibly separates the desk from the rest of the entrance and allows for an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Rounded walls also contribute to the harmonious ambiance: Ulrich Weinkath decorated these with grey felt flowers, which greatly improve the room acoustics and complement the elegant entrance.

An open concept waiting room for a more spacious feeling

Of course, the dentist practice had to be designed respecting the high hygienic requirements. This caused Ulrich Weinkath to select a natural rubber material in a reddish-black colour. The interior designer framed it with solid oak skirting boards. These accentuate the natural material and also the high-quality and inviting flair displayed in the practice and the waiting room.

The waiting room welcomes the patients with green upholstered chairs made of solid oak; Curtains, which softly filter the sunrays and a lightly coloured carpet.

Light-flooded rooms for radiant white teeth

Additional daylight can reach the interior parts of the practice through the glass partition walls and partially refurbished glass doors. These lead to the treatment rooms and underline the concept of open spaces present throughout all of the rooms.

For the lighting concept Ulrich Weinkath relied on LED and according to each room’s function he added curtains, blinds or panel curtains. Thus, leading to a unique, functional and harmonious lighting solution.

Modern treatment rooms

The treatment rooms are furbished with only the essentials. The calming atmosphere is created through the dark floorboards, the touch of colour around the pictures and the panel curtains. Additionally, the diffuse lighting around the windows and the whole lighting concept allow for a clean and modern ambiance.

Ulrich Weinkath also customised the design of the washroom in front of the toilets to meet the high hygienic requirements of the practice. This was accomplished by including a custom-made washbasin created from white HPL. It has a particularly easy-to-clean surface and not even fingerprints leave any traces. Because of its minimalist design the sink, which is made of mineral material, appears to hardly take up any space at all in the small room. To achieve a larger sense of space in the small area, Ulrich Weinkath also resorted to another clever idea. The wall-filling mirror above the washstand and the expert illumination allow the room to appear much larger than it actually is.

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