Not a cable in sight, yet modern


Enough workspace – 6m of elegance
Light mineral material also dominates the small pantry kitchen
Not a cable in sight, yet modern


Enough workspace – 6m of elegance
Light mineral material also dominates the small pantry kitchen

Conversion to a luxury liner – a prestigious executive suite with style


A wireless luxury liner: Ulrich Weinkath relied on WIFI and radio connections, prestigious materials and hidden technological aids as not to disturb the elegant ambience.

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath
An executive suite
Base area: Around 200 m²

Similar to the gigantic funnel of a luxury liner

…the oval black pillar protrudes into the circular “plaza”. It is embellished with the company logo of the globally active shipping business. As soon as the visitor’s step into the entrée they are already astounded by the impressive design work. Following the conversion of the lower office floors a few years ago Ulrich Weinkath was more recently tasked with renovating the upper office floors. The clients are two brothers, who own the 200 square metres large space. The area once housed workplaces for 30 employees and the owners wished to transform it into an executive suite – with representative rooms and a rest and fitness area.

Wireless, modern and connected to the ocean

The renovations and reconstructions needed over a year to be completed. They consisted of all non-load-bearing elements and were accompanied by enormous amounts of effort. Air conditioning, electrics and even floors and ceilings – Ulrich Weinkath had to remove everything before being able to implement his completely newly developed floor plan.

The first step and initial solution was completed by inserting new partition walls into the shell construction. Thus, the visitor is greeted by a round waiting room finished in an elegant dark tone. The supporting structure was expertly disguised as a “funnel” of a luxury ship through the oval cladding.

The company logo is almost man-sized and was placed on the funnel. It was cast from white acrylic glass in an elaborate process. As to exactly fit the curve of the column, first a counter-mould had to be created in 3D, “There are few firms, which offer services in this large a size,” Weinkath explains. This turned out to be only one of few challenges that occurred during the renovation of the now modern and luxurious rooms. The illusion of a much larger entrance was cleverly created by using LED spotlights and a mirrored ceiling.

The technology included in the room was also fully modernised and optically it seems to be wireless. “Retractable, controllable through radio and mobile phones, the power supply of the workspaces integrated into table legs and hardware connected through WIFI – in the end not a single cable should disturb the modern appearance,” Ulrich Weinkath explains the clients’ wishes.

An exclusive and high-quality…

…implementation: References to maritime shipping can be found in many details of the planning process and these exceptional ideas lead to magnificent effects. The solid oak floor with its’ elegant foggy grey complexion looks as if it were tanned by the sun. To achieve this effect Ulrich Weinkath had oyster shells ground and the resulting powder was added to the parquet oil.

The assistants’ workspace is also devised to fit the concept. The reception table is made of light grey mineral material and gives the idea of a wave – the material pours from the wall to the floor. The six-metre-long counter is also engraved with a nautical chart of the surrounding waters in the mirrored front surface.

The highest quality of work

The brothers’ office area impresses with a modern, masculine ambience and artfully manufactured materials: tables of blackened oak, layered with black linoleum next to sideboards with mirrored fronts made of smoked glass, complemented with office chairs and the settee 243 Volage (Designer Phillipe Starck for the company Cassina), in chocolate-coloured leather. Special attention was paid to the modern technology. According to the clients’ wishes the designer had the power supply and all of the cables hidden in the specially designed worktables. These have double bottoms and hollow table legs. Additionally, wireless charging units were built into the tables from below and freestanding elements were connected through WIFI. Thus, not a single cable is able to disturb the harmonious concept. The new glass partition wall added in the assistants’ workspace allows for an effortless communication and lets daylight shine into the interior space.

Undisturbed relaxation time

A private area, which is not visible from the outside, serves as a place of retreat for the management. To bestow an organic form on the area Ulrich Weinkath had the walls rounded and in the centre, he had the Bart Daybed von Moooi Works/Bart Schilder placed. The white pigmented oak slats of the rounded wall panelling seem to float between the black skirting boards and the shadow gap to the ceiling. They form an elegant contrast to the grey shimmering oak floors and remind the viewer of the flowing movement the scales of a fish create when it is swimming in water. The space behind the rounded walls is also of use as storage room. The doors of the storage cupboards are concealed in the slat surface as to be almost unnoticeable and can be opened and closed with the help of individual movable slats.

High-quality customised production

The bathroom belonging to the retreat area consists of a toilet, a separate washbasin and a ground-level shower area. This is a customisation of the highest quality. The designer had a shower tray manufactured according to a 3D-model and the side walls were clad from floor to ceiling with white-backed diamond glass.

Even the washstand…

…including the individually cast washbasin were created according to a 3D-model. Not only the white washbasin, but also the dull-varnished black furniture piece beneath the sink were designed by Ulrich Weinkath and individually manufactured. The craftsmanship is so precise that apart from the pure form nothing else is visible in the reflections. he washstand seems to be floating and manages to complement the overall exquisite and harmonious impression of the interior.

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