Relaxation and comfort: The library
Integrated built-in cupboard: simple and unobtrusive
A stylish kitchen filled with new technologies
Modern and grand designs in light-flooded rooms
Relaxation and comfort: The library
Integrated built-in cupboard: simple and unobtrusive
A stylish kitchen filled with new technologies
Modern and grand designs in light-flooded rooms

Extraordinary ideas and perfect craftsmanship in an old building


Grand new stucco; a historical oven, which was transformed into a modern kitchen island; opaque glass at the touch of a button. What else is hidden in this apartment?

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath Where: An old apartment Base area: Around 280 square meters Concept: With a lot of elegance and character

Grand stucco, panelled doors and subtly whitened oak parquet flooring – Before being tasked with the renovation of the 280 square meters the old apartment was missing a coherent design concept. With an unquestionable sense of style and exceptional ideas Ulrich Weinkath managed to transform the apartment, with its 3,30m high rooms, into an elegant and highly unique retreat.

The fitting wall paint (Farrow & Ball) perfectly complements the already existing antique furniture and artwork. The designer also integrated a built-in cupboard, which was specially designed by him. The cupboard is devoid of handles and is hardly noticeable in the sandy-coloured wall.

Well thought out down to the smallest details

The library, which was planned by Weinkath, awaits behind the wideset doorway. Its dark blue patinated surface allows for wonderful iridescent light reflections (Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball). The built-in units were made by a carpenter using MDF with solid edge banding. Stored here are books, a house bar and a television.

To help bring a new shine to the rooms carpenter Ulrich Weinkath enlisted the help of skilled craftsmen. This task was bestowed upon plasterers, who still master the artisan skill and with whom Ulrich Weinkath has worked many times before. The solid plaster stucco on the ceilings was first individually drawn and then produced in high-quality handwork.

Even the floors received a stylish redesign: The designer used oiled white oak parquet in the living spaces and Italian sandstone lightens up the newly improved bathroom. In the living room and the library luxurious comforts were created by way of two open fireplaces. These can be connected to the old chimney.

State-of-the-art technology presented in a nostalgic way: The kitchen. With a wine refrigerator, specially customised induction stove and replicated tiles

The centre block is certainly eye-catching and the heart of the kitchen in terms of design. It is a historical oven with wood combustion and was the object on which the owner’s great-grandparents once cooked. Ulrich Weinkath managed to transform it into a modern kitchen object through his much-needed finesse. Ulrich Weinkath had some of the five-centimetre-thick tiles replicated, accurate in every detail, by skilled craftsmen. They were incorporated seamlessly. The historical oven was changed into an induction stove, a wine refrigerator and practical storage space – turning it into a modern and functional kitchen island. ⯈ mehr...

Hidden details in every corner

EA white countertop made of a quartz stone (Caesarstone) complements the simple, handeless cupboards. The interior design is made of high-quality solid oak wood. Each cupboard was furnished individually with great care.

Drawers, compartments for cutlery and shelf inserts, for storing wine glasses, were created with exquisite oak. Together with the whitened oak parquet they render a harmonious feeling to the kitchen.

The remaining electrical appliances, such as oven, refrigerator and steamer, were integrated into the floor-to-ceiling cabinet.

A transparent architectural masterpiece: The bathroom

Regarding the bathroom and the bedroom, a large room was separated in an impressive way. A piece of furniture was created that could be used from both sides. It was framed by a huge glass panel and elegantly separates both rooms from each other. This allows the bathroom to be flooded by daylight despite its location.

This extravagant creation…

…including optimal absorption of sound, definitely challenged the skilled craftsmen tasked with the important job. The huge glass panel was lifted into place with the help of a crane. Therefore, the balcony and the window had to be removed and later added again. The wall also had to be opened up to the bare ceiling and closed after insertion. The designer wished to have the glass appear as if it were moulded into place and to achieve this the stucco was applied from both sides right up to the glass. In the bathroom the special furniture piece functions as a washbasin. Ulrich Weinkath had two pillar-shaped sinks specially made from travertine to complete the room.

Valves, Mirrors and the lighting…

…are integrated into the special piece of highly polished furniture, which also has an additional window element in its centre. This can be opened as to allow the rooms to be connected. The shower is also made of glass and is accessible from both sides. It is placed opposite from the washbasin. The freestanding bathtub is complemented with silver lion’s feet and is situated next to the shower. The bathtub functions as a connecting element between the magnificent old building and the modern elements of the bathroom. The lighting of the bathroom is designed as to be unobtrusive in daylight and allows for an atmospheric ambience in the evening. Another special feature are the two windows between the bathroom and the hallway. Through the touch of a button these can be changed from transparent to oblique with help of the Priva-Lite-Technik . In the bedroom the special furniture piece acts as a multifunctional headboard with practical storage areas. Lighting and outlets are also included.

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