Many styles combined in a small space – an apartment in Hamburg surpasses itself


Down-to-earth, stylish and comfortable – in this apartment one can reflect on the essentials: with its central location, the charm of the old historical building and the clear-cut layout it offers a cosy home.

Photo: Kitchen with many styles combined in a small space

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath
A customer, who does not wish to be named
Where: A flat in an old apartment building
Concept: Modern/ Bauhaus/ Old meets new

A few years ago, Ulrich Weinkath transformed this petite flat into a cosy home for his customer. It is situated centrally in an old apartment building and Weinkath’s words describing the state of the decrepit flat show his dedication: “In the last 40 years virtually no home-improvements were conducted”. The house in question, which was erected in 1898, consists of a three-room flat with an impressive overall layout. The highlight of the newly renovated flat is the cosy and welcoming kitchen with russet red walls and beautiful walnut floorboards. The subtle indirect lighting and little dining area help create a space perfectly suited for pleasant social evenings.

The kitchen, a simple multiplex solution in the shade Oskura

Photo: The kitchen, a simple multiplex solution in the shade Oskura

Depicted here are the wooden blinds made from solid walnut (Ann Idstein). They frame the picturesque scenery of the old branches and create an atmospheric lighting in the room.
The small square-shaped dining table was designed specially by Weinkath also from solid walnut. It offers space for up to four people when moved away from the wall and visually represents the link between the wooden floorboards and the warm red tone of the walls.
The designer complemented the room with three genuine collector’s items found during a true stroke of luck: three chairs, originally “Ants” by Arne Jacobsen created in 1952. These three-legged design classics possess the serial numbers 001, 002 and 003. “Altogether I discovered six of these chairs in an old church, which should have been disposed of during renovation works.”
The nostalgic tiles embellishing the walls of the dining area were created in an even older year of construction. Weinkath states: “They come from the period of time in which the house was built.” To set the scene atmospherically Weinkath placed two wall-mounted luminaires and a crayon drawing above the historical wall coverings. This work of art was created by Anna Moje, who is an artist living on Mallorca.
The kitchen is a simple multiplex solution in the shade oscura, which Weinkath had produced especially for the small space. He also had it covered with white countertops produced from Diafos.

Tiny lavatory

Photo: Tiny lavatory
Weinkath even managed to find the best imaginable solution for the tiny lavatory by perfectly utilising the space given. To replace the rotting flooring surrounding the old toilet he used a single solid core panel made of white plastic. This panel was placed evenly with the adjacent pitchpine floors of the hallway. By managing to get rid of the threshold Weinkath renders the space accessible and most importantly easy to clean. The large mirror above the basin and the concept of allowing no threshold allow for a significantly larger spatial impression. The walls are clad half-way with Zebrano, which is a wood with an impressive elegant grain. The Zebrano manages to bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to the room. To complete the stylish room a thickly spatulated oil painting and timeless accessories by Dornbracht (Mem series) were included.

The bathroom – two square metres with the utmost comfort

Photo: The bathroom – two square metres with the utmost comfort
After the renovation the small bathroom with a base area of only two square metres manages to offer the utmost comfort. To utilise the space designer Weinkath decided to split the room into two halves by using tempered glass mounted on the shower tray. He also had the complete rear wall of the shower finished as a mirror. “The mirrored surface lets the room appear many times larger.” Weinkath stated and added, “this is not just extremely practical for shaving in the morning.” Visual and practical aspects were equally important while designing the washbasin: the framework made of solid oak wood brings a homely aspect to the bathroom and the white drawers allow for an enormous amount of storage space, while not appearing space-consuming.

The living room – with grand stucco and a stylish interior design

The living room impresses the viewer with compact dimensions and a stylish interior design. Most impressive is the modern interpretation of the chandelier in the middle of the room: the pendant luminaire Light Shade Shade by Moooi only reveals its sparkling interior when switched on. Then it provides wonderful plays of light and shadow. Also included in the living room are design classics such as the two LC2 armchairs by the window, near these the Adjustable Table E 1027 by Eileen Gray and the LC10 coffee table in the middle of the room. Not to forget are the elegant table and floor lights by Fontana Arte (near the windowsill and on the right side of the television). Above the sofa Weinkath has displayed a piece of art by Ulrich Eben and the right and left sides of the sofa are adorned with two red Tius shelves and a collection of ornate vases. That clear

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