Not too flashy, but well designed
Each shelf individual and unique
Exact measurements and optimal use of space
Not too flashy, but well designed
Each shelf individual and unique
Exact measurements and optimal use of space

Plugged, wedged and friction-locked: three shelves for a collector


Vases, teapots, books – the client has managed to accumulate an impressive collection over the years. She had recently moved into a new home and wished to present these in an impactful way.

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath
A collector
Where: Her home
How: By working in a unique and precise way

The client tasked Ulrich Weinkath with creating three shelves. “The task was to create the shelves as to be unobtrusive, but with a special design quality; all of the shelves were to be designed by the same person, but each shelf should be unique and when inspected in more detail certainly different to the others,” Weinkath describes. His own passion is that of pluggable connections and this was the driving force behind the project. The designer created a friction-locked system with varnished lightweight panels. No tools are needed to assemble these shelves and no connections are visible.

The vase collection placed in sturdy shelves

The collection of elegant glass vases is stored in a grand object with 27 compartments. The matt white shelf fills the whole wall of the dining room as if it were a painting. It allows the objects exhibited to be presented in full splendour. The bottom of the shelves run along the entire length of the wall and are much sturdier than the vertical separations of the compartments. The shelf has a depth of 22cm and is finished with a 2,80m x 1,10m backwall.

A stylish organisation

Compact customisations for 21 teapots

For her decorative teapots the client wished for a more compact solution. The white shelf designed with the measurements 70cm x 1,60m was devised to fulfil her desires. She owns 21 teapots and so 21 square compartments with optimal use of space were created. For the bottom and sides of the shelves a material with a consistent thickness was used. This especially emphasises the uniformity of the grid.

Books are stored in a free-floating corner shelf

The third concept by Ulrich Weinkath consists of a bookshelf. A free-floating object was created in a corner of the room. This shelf also includes the previously mentioned friction-locked system.
The creation is painted in a soft grey colour and consists merely of the three bottom shelf planks. No vertical seperations are included. It perfectly complements the architectural design of the remaining room without standing out too much. The shelf is mounted on the wall via a tapered gib and the designer also relies on friction-locked plugs. These are held together by way of the rear wall.

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