A kitchen with hidden talents
Simple, but genius.
Spacious full-extension drawers
No more loose cables!
A kitchen with hidden talents
Simple, but genius.
Spacious full-extension drawers
No more loose cables!

Profound minimalism: a kitchen with hidden talents


Why is the kitchen sink black? Why was the mineral stone surface deliberately split up with joints? Read further to discover more well thought-out details that are embedded in the kitchen…

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath
Occupants: a couple
Where: A penthouse
Base area: around 50 square metres (kitchen including the dining area)

Most prominent in the puristic looking white kitchen is the compact kitchen island placed centrally. This helps to move focus to the preparation of food and it also allows for an effortless communication within the room.

To be able to entertain many guests three different induction hobs by Gaggenau were placed on the centre block, next to each other. They can be used for cooking, grilling and frying – even simultaneously. For Ulrich Weinkath not just the practical use, but also the unique aspect is striking – not many kitchens are equipped with three hobs.

The kitchen sink: simple, but genius

The worktop of the centre block and that of the kitchen unit behind it are made of HI-MACS. This is an imbued mineral material by the company LG Hausys and was produced especially for this kitchen. The worktop with its integrated kitchen sink and the back-lit rear wall have been glued together in such a way that there are no joints visible. Edges or transitions between the two parts can not be found, even after the keenest inspection. There is one exception to this – a small part of the rear wall behind the Dornbracht-valve. There is, however, a negligible reason for the exception: “The joints serve as places for later needed repairs behind the valves, if these should be necessary,” as explained by the designer. Without them one would have to destroy the whole worktop if wanting to reach the water connections of the valves. Certainly eye catching is the bottom of the kitchen sink, which is coloured black. It was successfully incorporated as a contrast to the rest of the brilliant white kitchen. However, even the kitchen sink was not just designed regarding aesthetics, but also practicality: “Our customer loves to drink tea and we wanted to prevent ugly tea stains in the sink.” Simple, but genius.

Perfection down to the last detail: Integrated oven, heat-resistant worktops, a side-by-side refrigerator with an ice crusher

The thorough incorporation of the day-to-day essentials is of great importance to Ulrich Weinkath and is evident in many details of his projects. The oven, for example, is not just integrated into the kitchen unit with an elevated position, but it is also built to be easily accessible and back-friendly. ⯈ mehr...

Spacious full-extension drawers

Inside the spacious full-extension drawers the residents store their dishes. The functional and aesthetically pleasing interior design made of solid beech wood helps to keep the plates in place.

Instead of using common handles to open the drawers, the designer decided to incorporate grip moulds. These were gently worked into the front panels. A few years ago, Ulrich Weinkath decided to have a diamond tool manufactured, which is able to create exactly these grip moulds. Weinkath states: “I enjoy working with grip moulds as they prevent shiny surfaces from occurring after years of use.” While planning in detail, he manages to think well into the future as to create a long-lasting design piece.

No more loose cables thanks to the retractable outlets

Even the placing of the outlets is fascinating. They are hidden in the centre block of the kitchen in a retractable feature by EVOline. “This conceals the outlet, renders them child-proof and easy to reach.”

Kitchens with unique designs and an appealing price

Ulrich Weinkath believes that it is important for unique solutions to not automatically mean spending enormous amounts of money. “The expenses for this kitchen are around a third less than those of a brand kitchen. For me first and foremost design means quality – I do not want to pay for a name, instead for the content,” as stated by Ulrich Weinkath.

Up until four years ago he produced the kitchens with his own firm. In the meantime, he has outsourced his productions to partner companies: “The partners then perfectly implement our wishes, exactly as we present them. This allows us to concentrate on the core business but to remain in total control of productions.” This design solution is not just true for kitchens, but also for cabinet systems, wall panels, furniture or complete renovations. – For places of comfort and living.

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