Impressive reception

Counters made of black mineral material
Modern design through specially selected materials
Impressive reception

Counters made of black mineral material
Modern design through specially selected materials

Think big, think different! Unique furniture with individual designs


The high-quality and functional furniture perfectly complements the reception area, the communications sector, the library and the lounge. To insert the unique pieces unusual transportation routes are required.

The furniture designed by Ulrich Weinkath perfectly embodies that which is important in the agency’s daily businesses. To make the seemingly impossible possible some pieces are surprising in coloration and form and some are constructed in an unconventional way.

The transportation of the three counters and a table into the building’s 9th floor also completely exceeded expectations: The designer had the high-quality heavyweight furniture installed via telescopic crane. The roof was specially opened for this, and the transport was completed in just one day. Certainly, an astonishing logistic feat for the unique furniture.

Brief overview

Design: Ulrich Weinkath For: An advertising agency Base area of the furniture additions: Around 2500 m²

A powerful statement

As soon as one steps inside the advertising agency a truly impressive statement greets the entrant: A massive reception desk made of mineral material with the company logo milled into it. The exclusive desk with its black coloration definitely stands out from the surrounding bright and elegant ambiance.
Two spacious workplaces are located behind the 6½m-long reception desk. The employees working at the desk are seated on a raised platform, which allows for an effortless communication with the visitors.

Necessary stability

Larger thinking, individual thinking: This is the agency’s principle and has been their guideline throughout years of success. These words were also an influence for the 6,30m-long table in the communications sector. It is made of solid maple and provides space for 20 people – even without a central base.

For this undertaking the experimental designer relied on an unconventional aid: Glass frames were incorporated into the table lengthwise. These provide necessary stability and they are unobtrusive. “Glass is an extremely resilient material. Even when high pressure is applied, the tabletop does not give three millimetres,” Ulrich Weinkath explains the elaborate, layered design.

One can find the same wooden surface on the 25 cube-like side tables, which are present throughout the agency. Exceptions are the two cubes and the matching seating arrangements near the entrance, which were adapted to match the reception area. A 4m-long seat in the communications sector was finished in a volcanic black.

Extraordinary dimensions…

…are also represented by the 6m-long black kitchen counter. Similar to the reception desk Ulrich Weinkath had the counter manufactured from black mineral material. The massive object with its central base was seamlessly incorporated into the black backdrop. A challenge was, however, created by the two columns already present in the room. This required the adaptations to be finished on site. The carpenters working on the job displayed their skillsets perfectly and they certainly presented themselves as masters of the craft.

Eye-catching and rich in contrast

The newly designed reading area is easily distinguishable from a distance, because of its eye-catching colour. Ulrich Weinkath designed a counter in a luminous orange made of HPL with a high-gloss finish, intended for hours of reading. The designer also stayed true to the general concept: The almost 7m-long counter wins over the viewer with its massive proportions, its mitred edges and the high-quality workmanship. For the library a white shelf rack and other white storage objects, such as sideboards and more shelves, perfectly complete the concept.

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